Old Montreal and Montreal


Atelier-galerie Hélène DeSerres
Area : old-mtl
Address : 294, rue St-Paul Ouest, local 41
City : Montréal (Québec)
Postal code : H2Y 2A3
Phone : (514) 499-1057
Description : Meet the multi media artist in her workplace. Enjoy her unique designs or have her create something special for you. Hélène is also a painter and a sculptor. For access to the studio, please call.
Website : http://www.hdeserres.com
Category : Galleries

Atelier-galerie Nicolin & Gublin
Area : old-mtl
Address : 333, place d'Youville
City : Montréal (Québec)
Postal code : H2Y 2B5
Phone : (514) 844-3696
Description : In a spectacular space, Atelier-galerie Nicolin & Gublin presents the creations of the international artist Charlotte Nicolin, whose colourful take on nature and marine life has been delighting art lovers for 25 years. Original artwork (oil paintings, art furniture), limited editions, ceramis and gift items. Open daily, all year round.
Schedule : Open daily, all year round
Website : http://www.nicolingublin.com
Category : Galleries

Boutique des métiers d'art du Québec
Area : old-mtl
Address : 350, rue St-Paul Est
City : Montréal (Québec)
Postal code : H2Y 1H2
Phone : (514) 878-2787
Description : Visit the boutique and the galerie-boutique where you will discover a wide range of unique and limited series of art pieces produced exclusively by professional Quebec artisans. Featuring decorative and functional work in glass, wood, and ceramics as well as jewellery.
Schedule : Open daily.
E-mail :boutique@metiers-d-art.qc.ca
Category : Galleries

Centre PHI
Area : old-mtl
Address : 407, rue St-Pierre
City : Vieux-Montréal
Postal code : H2Y 2M3
Phone : 514 225-0525
Toll free : 1 855 526-8888
Description : A smart building for art, the PHI Centre provides unique occasions to come in contact with artists, creators, innovators and their works.
Website : http://www.phi-centre.com
Category : Galleries

DHC/ART Fondation pour l'art contemporain
Area : old-mtl
Address : 451 & 465, rue St-Jean
City : Vieux-Montréal
Postal code : H2Y 2R5
Phone : 514 849-3742
Toll free : 1 888 934-2278
Description : DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art
is an exhibition space housed in a converted, historic building in the heart of Old Montreal. DHC/ART is a permanent location for exciting and relevant temporary visual arts exhibitions and projects. The Foundation aims to present some of the most compelling art of our time from around the world, both on-site and in occasional off-site settings or in the public realm.
Website : http://www.dhc-art.org
Category : Galleries

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